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Stem Cell Therapy Days 4-6

It’s a beautiful day off for me and my veins, so I figured it was the perfect time to play catch up and write to you beautiful souls about my recent therapy days.  I am feeling tired, but in a good way.  It means that my body is repairing and taking care of itself in ways that it has not been able to for years.  It gives me so much hope that I will be returning to my old self in the coming months, and I SO look forward to that! I have received such an outpouring of love from all of you and I appreciate that more than words can express.  I am sorry if I haven’t been able to reply to each one of you- my days have been spent in treatment, sleeping, and then usually dozing in and out after dinner. My days start and end at different times every day, so my schedule is pretty unpredictable. But one thing is certain- I sleep and get outside as much as possible.  My doctor wants me getting as much fresh air as I can possibly get, so we try to eat outside and just sit on the veranda at the hotel while we are waiting for housekeeping to come.  The sunshine does the body good, and I have always been one that comes alive when I get the warm sun on my skin- one of the many reasons I love my current location so much!  I am in love with this lazy, beautiful beach town, and hope to visit again for more fun reasons in the coming years.  Now- down to the updates:

Day 4

Treatment plan for the day consisted of IVs of B-17, Chelation, and Embryonic Stem Cells. I got in the sauna first since I didn’t have a chance to during day 3 of treatment due to the power outage, and my body loved every second of it. Nothing like a good sweat to get out all the crap that is wreaking havoc in my body.  After the sauna, I got my IVs and got my BEMER Therapy on.  It was a pretty chill day at the clinic, and we were in and out for the most part.  My chelation went SO slow for some reason, even though nothing was different about it.  It took about double the time, but everything else went right on schedule.  We had a beautiful salad for lunch, and then went along our way.  It was David’s last night in San Jose del Cabo, so we went to our favorite taco place to hold him over until next time.  I slept like a rock, which is so very welcome after all of the nights laying awake over the past few years. This therapy has given me such sweet, deep sleep, and I hope it continues once I get home!

Day 5

Had a really nice start to the day by heading into town to get breakfast at an adorable place called Lolita’s.  David had been talking about it for most of the trip because they have vegan options, but they close at 4 pm so we never had a chance to make it.  Since I didn’t start treatment until 2:30 pm, it was the perfect opportunity for us to ditch the hotel breakfast and get something different.  It did not disappoint!  They had a super cute patio with mango trees in the back, and I was able to get an awesome breakfast and my beloved green juice.  We went around to a couple of stores after, and I was able to acquire a new lucky eye bracelet to add to my collection.  I was totally spent after that expedition, and ended up napping for a few hours before leaving for treatment.  The treatment plan for the day consisted of IVs of B-17, Chelation, and Vitamin C.  I got hooked up and sat on the BEMER mat for about a half hour, and the Laura whisked me away for a facial to help out my face.  Let me start by saying that this was not your typical facial, as I was anticipating.  This facial consisted of 3 hours of getting all of the toxins out of my pores by squeezing, popping, prodding, and even at one point poking with needles.  It was brutal, but had to be done to get all of the nasties out of my body that were trying to come out via my face.  I was a swollen, red mess by the end of it, willing for it to be over about a third of the way in.  I barely got to say goodbye to David, and barely got to say hello to Bridget when she got in because I was in there for so long.  We got in at 2:30 pm and didn’t leave until around 7 pm!  I didn’t get to eat lunch, either, due to the not-so-relaxing facial. But, I must say, looking at it now, two days later, my skin is looking a lot better. Still red, but I haven’t had many new developments on the tough cystic acne front, so I am pleased.  Laura said that I may need one or two more before they start the stem cell facials just to get the bacteria out, so I’ll need some good vibes when those days come.  I think we scared Bridget a bit when she walked in on that massacre! Ha!

Day 6

Started bright and early (well, for me lately) at 9:30 am.  Treatment plan for the day consisted of a deep tissue massage to help with the detox process, my first ozone therapy treatment, and an ozone shot in the butt.  The deep tissue massage worked out knots that I’ve had in my neck and shoulders for years, truly.  It was pretty amazing. I feel a little sore today (a day later), but the soreness is worth it to move my head without pain for the first time in a long time.  The massage therapist, Jesus, is gifted. There were a few times that I found myself all sorts of clenched because of the knots he was getting out, but the fact that he was able to do that kind of work in about an hour is magic. I made sure to tell him that when we were done. After the massage, I got my first ozone therapy treatment.  What an experience!  For those that do not know, medical ozone is used to disinfect and treat disease. I have found that it is used widely with Lyme patients since Lyme is in the blood and ends up in every crevice of one’s body.  Anyways, they hooked one IV up to my right arm- this is the arm that blood was taken from, ran through a machine to disinfect the blood, had ozone added to said blood, and then the blood was ran back into my left arm where another IV was hooked up.  I did not move my arms for about 45 minutes.  I felt pretty light headed and woozy throughout the whole thing, and when it was over I felt a weird tightness in my chest, but after getting some fresh air and food in me, I felt much better.  I managed to sleep 12 straight hours last night, and feel like I could sleep another 12 more with no issues, but I feel way less inflammation than usual. Hooray!

*Again, apologies for any typos or if a sentence does not make sense. I am totally just going off of what my journal tells me because I am so beat 🙂 *

Until next time, loves!





6 thoughts on “Stem Cell Therapy Days 4-6

  1. Your are always in my thoughts and prayers Colleen. Hang in there. You have a lot of people in your corner pulling for you. I know it must be tough for you, but you WILL get better!


    1. Thank you so much! Dr. Hanly was the first doctor (of many) that was able to look me in the eyes and tell me she believes she can get me well in the coming months, so I am very hopeful! Love you!


  2. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. You are amazing and I’m so excited that you are going to finally be well! I know first hand that it’s been a long time coming. On a funny note, because we have to laugh…You might have Lyme disease when you find yourself waiting for your kid at PT immersed between patients whining about their orthopedic injuries. All you can think is “Suck it up buttercup, at least you have something they can fix!” I’m so glad you will finally be well! Sending lots of healing hugs!


  3. Hi Col. Wish we could be there and hold on to you , we think of you everyday. You have the strength to have gone through with this, keep the faith! Think of all the good days that are on the way. Love you. 😘

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