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Stem Cell Treatment Days 7-9

Another day, another update! It’s just me and one other person at the clinic this week, so it has been very quiet, which has been much appreciated (on my end, at least!)  I am definitely feeling the detox this week, and will be happy when it is over.  I believe tomorrow is my last day of chelation, so HOORAY! on that end.  Still have a lot of healing to do, but those little embryonic stem cells get the job done and make sure that I sleep like a champ on days that I receive them.  Sleep is the key to wellness, in so many ways.

Day 7

Super quiet day, we were the only ones at the clinic! Treatment consisted of IVs of chelation and B-17.  It went super quick, but man did it do the job. I have been sleeping in until like 10 am here, which is WAY later than I have slept in years, but my body is totally in repair mode so I welcome it.  I guess it’s my body’s way of catching up on all the sleep I’ve missed these past three years while I’ve struggled with insomnia.  So, on this particular day, I ended up sleeping 12 hours the night before and then came home from treatment and slept another 2 hours.  Total napping badass. I did learn on Day 7 that papaya seeds have anti-parasitic properties, which is why the end up in my smoothies at the clinic so often. Who knew?! Definitely something to keep in the rotation once I get home. I’m also getting some awesome food inspiration from the clinic for when I get back home.  They have been super accommodating, and on days that they use meat or dairy they make me my own version of what everyone else is having without the stuff I don’t eat.  Pretty amazing!

Day 8

Guys, I’m not going to lie…Day 8 made me it’s bitch.  It was a bad day in Colleenland.  Treatment consisted of: chelation, B-17, embryonic stem cells, BEMER therapy, and Photon Genius.  We started late, I drank 80 oz. of water before we got there, and somehow, while trying to get IVs started, two veins collapsed. YEP, you read that right. TWO. IN ONE HAND. Total WTF situation.  I’ve never had a vein collapse before, but I sure don’t recommend it.  The first one happened and I was uncomfortable, felt some pain, but they did a great job of holding my hand and applying pressure so that it wasn’t too rough. Second one happened a couple moments later and BOOM. Before I knew it, I was having cold sweats, felt like I was going to pass out/throw up everywhere, and was in a whole new world of pain. Luckily, third time was a charm- we switched sides and were able to get the IV going, and I felt color go back into my face. I have a wicked black and blue mark on my hand, but it all worked out.  My skin had been looking really great since my facial, but had some new developments on that front.  Just the detox doing it’s job, nothing to see here… 😛

Day 9

Great news, guys. My veins behaved themselves during Day 9! Hooray!  When you only need to get stuck once in a day, it’s a good day.  My treatment plan for the day was: IVs of chelation, B-17, and embryonic stem cells, and another facial.  Things are improving on the facial front, only was in there for 2 hours instead of 3. That’s right. Got the new developments on my face cleaned out, and then was on my way. Laura gave me a gel to use at night that I had a sample of that has been doing some magic on my skin, so I am happy to have a big version now.  The hope is that I won’t need it when I get home, but if I do, at least I know I’m covered now.  No sauna because we didn’t want to mess my face up. I was super tired during Day 9, and had a pretty bad headache.  Expected with the detox, but still not fun!

Have I mentioned that I love Mexico?  I feel like I don’t want to ever leave. We are in such a peaceful area and everyone is so kind- it is exactly what my soul needs right now. I am so thankful to have this opportunity, and hope that this log can help someone else find their path to wellness.


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