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The Final Days of ESC Treatment

Hi! It has been a crazy week getting back from treatment.  Got back on the 27th, went to Tucson to pick up our keys on the 28th, and then moved on the 1st- had quite a few days without internet, so I figured now is the perfect time to fill you guys in on my final days of treatment and just check in.  Will definitely be writing about the liver cleanse I just completed in a different post, as that was a whole new experience in itself, let me tell ya. But for now, enjoy my breakdown of days 16-20.

Day 16

Treatment plan consisted of IVs of Vitamin C and embryonic stem cells today.  I started off with the Photon Genius, so my veins were nice and ready for Xochitl (thank GOD!) As I was getting my two bags, I was whisked away to get some work done on my face.  Got some pimples picked at (sexy, I know), my face washed and moisturized, and a treatment with a machine that zaps the bacteria out of your pores.   I wish I caught the name of that machine, but I didn’t. Lyme brain still going on.  I know it’ll go away with time. So yeah, got the mini-facial done and I was sent home with some gel moisturizer since my face is so dang dry all the time.  Did you know that gel moisturizer is better for your skin? Something I learned while in treatment that I definitely will be taking back home with me. Don’t want to do all of this work to get nice skin and then throw it down the tubes when I get back! Had a slight headache most of the day, and was SUPER thirsty.  Had some kidney pains last night, but I am pretty sure it is from the stones in there getting broken up and moving around. No pain during the day today, so I’ll take that as a win.

Day 17

Treatment plan consisted of ozone, embryonic stem cells, and BEMER Therapy today.  No headache!! Wahoo!! Woke up feeling happy (not fake teacher Colleen happy, like genuine happiness) and energized. Can’t remember the last time I said those two words about myself. It seriously makes me emotional as I sit here typing it because it is still true to this day.  The clouds have been lifted and I feel lighter in my chest. This is the day that I knew my old self was still in there waiting to come out. It’s the day that I realized that I was going to come out of this a whole new person. I actually wrote in my journal for this day: “I am thankful to have happiness.”  Truly incredible. We started the day off with ozone. It only took one stick this time, YAY! Had a ton of fat come out again (I blame the peanut butter I had for breakfast since I have to have a heavy meal before ozone). Other patients at the center said that they also experienced fat coming out, so I am glad I am not the only one! My blood was also SUPER dark coming out. Like it looked black. Super creepy. After ozone, I got one of my mini-facials again. Dr. B suggested that I get an oil to help with my acne that has ozone in it, so I am giving that a try.  You can click here to get it. Not an affiliate link, just something that I have seen great progress with and want to share with my friends.  You leave it on for about 20 minutes where you have blemishes or scarring, and then you go on with your normal nightly routine and wash it off.

Day 18

Quick day at the center today. Treatment consisted of the Photon Genius, IVs of embryonic stem cells and Vitamin C, and a mini-facial.  Had another vein collapse today, which sucks. This time in my left hand. Was happy when I was finished with IVs, because the line was basically in my wrist and it was very painful. I wish I had veins that cooperated, but it seems as though I am just one of those people with bad veins…not matter how much water I drink! Had a quick mini-facial after my IVs, and then we went to the marina to check it out and lay on the beach for a bit.  Had quite a headache since I woke up, and the sun sucked the energy out of me, so I spent the night just watching some Netflix in the room and going to bed early. Nothing crazy here!

Day 19

Had some blood tests run when I got in to check on all my levels, then got a bag of embryonic stem cells.  After that, I got my stem cell facial. SHOOSH. Started off as a normal facial, got my pores cleaned out and did the zap machine (that’s what I refer to it as since I don’t know the actual name), then Xochitl came to take my blood again. Yes, again. I was like wait, what is going on here? Did I not give enough blood earlier? No, my friends. Turns out that they run my blood through a centrifuge, and once it is spun, the plasma goes into a mix with the embryonic stem cells, and then that gets injected into your face. With a needle. Didn’t know that was going to happen. HA! So anyways, wherever my skin had damage got injected with this mixture.  I had a lot of damage from the acne, so there were a lot of spots that got injected. I must say, a week and a half later you can’t even see the scars that were there. It is pretty amazing! I hated the process (mostly I had just had enough of needles at this point), but you know what they say…beauty is pain! I was a little bit red after, but nothing too bad. It went away after about an hour.

Day 20 

Very quick day today since we had to go to the airport at 10:45! I went in for one last bag of embryonic stem cells and to say goodbye to the people that took such amazing care of me and treated me like family.  I am so grateful for the people that I have gotten to know over the past three weeks, and am so happy that I was able to have this experience.  It is truly a new beginning for me, and I can finally start to LIVE.  Xochitl was super sweet and gave me lipstick because I am always crushing on her colors, and Laura told me that she loves me. It was definitely a morning of tearful goodbyes, but I hope that next time I see everyone, it is because I am going out dancing with them, as promised 🙂 Dr. B gave me a ton of info for the next few months, and we will be communicating via email about how I am going.  She gave me a machine that I wear on me for like 9 hours a day that runs different electromagnetic energies to rid my body of parasites, strep, and staph. She also sent me 2 cases of Asea so that I am good to go in Tucson! Hooray!

Those are all my treatment days! I am feeling great since being back home. We moved, which I thought would really wreck me, but I got up the next morning ready for brunch and more unpacking. It is awesome to have the energy to do basic tasks around the house. Like cooking. I think I shocked David when I made dinner for him on Sunday night! Dude didn’t know what hit him. I still have a lot to work on, but I am keeping up my end of the bargain by taking care of myself and listening to my body. When I need to rest, I rest. When I need to eat, I eat. I am still drinking a TON of water (welcome back to AZ!) and am following a gluten-free, vegan diet. Low sugar intake, too.

I start back at work on Monday at a new school, so keep me in your thoughts and send me some good energy!




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  1. Thanks for the update, Colleen! I was waiting on this one ;). I can’t wait to see how you do with working again. Finally connecting and reading about your journey over the past few days on your blog is inspiring. Sending lots of good vibes ❤

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