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Let’s Talk About Cleanses

Okay people, buckle up! We are talking about the importance of cleansing today.  Many people assume that doing a cleanse means that one is trying to lose weight, which may sometimes be true, but not always! Those of us with chronic illness and the MTHFR gene mutation know how important it is to flush all of those nasty toxins out of our bodies every once in a while.  There are thousands of cleanses out there; some of them are total shams, while others really do the body good.  Let’s put it this way: if you have to pay for a cleanse, it probably isn’t one that is going to give you the best results.  Now, I’m not saying that this is in every case, but at this point in the game, I have gotten pretty good at telling when someone is trying to profit off of my illness and willingness to do whatever I have to do to be well, and when they are genuine.  There are many cleanses that you can do in the comfort of your own home that do not cost an arm and a leg.

My doctor in Mexico taught me about the importance of parasite cleanses while I was there.  Little did I know that many Lyme patients also have parasites that they are dealing with! I learned that I had multiple parasites, the biggest being Fasciolopsis Buski.  This monster is the largest intestinal fluke in humans.  This guy was in over 50% of my intestinal tract, which explained why I was having such major issues with my gut.  Not one doctor had ever even MENTIONED the possibility of me having parasites, so to learn that this was happening to me was overwhelming to say the least.  I am so thankful for my doctor in Mexico opening my eyes to all of this craziness!  So, I was put on a strict regimen of clove, black walnut, and wormwood for ten days to help kill off the parasites, and then I was instructed to do a pretty intensive cleanse once I got back to the U.S.  I was to do the cleanse as soon as I got home, and then again two months later.  After that, it is up to me how often I want to partake.  My doctor recommends that everyone, even people that don’t have a parasite, do this cleanse twice a year to just get all the gunk out.

What does this cleanse consist of? Is it easy? What are the results? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

This cleanse is intense, but only lasts for about 24 hours so you can really knock it out in a weekend.  I just completed parasite cleanse #2, and I survived.  I have to say that I wasn’t too pumped about doing this cleanse again, but I knew it was par for the course if I want to be well and continue to heal my body.  This cleanse consists of fasting for a little over 24 hours, and you’re not allowed to drink water, either. Yikes. I am a camel most days, so the not drinking water part is really tough for me and I am still feeling a little dehydrated 24 hours post-cleanse.  By tomorrow, I’ll be as good as new.  So what do you do? You stop eating at noon the day of the cleanse. No fat allowed! You stop drinking at 2 pm.  Then, at 6 pm & 8 pm, you drink epsom salts in cold water.  At 10 pm, you drink a mixture of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and olive oil, and then lie down immediately.  I slept like a rock; my husband said he’s never seen me fall asleep so quickly.  This cleanse wipes you out!  Upon waking, you drink epsom salt concoction again, and then two hours later you drink it again.  If you want the full detailed explanation of the cleanse, feel free to comment and drop your email in there, and I can send you a copy of the cleanse protocol.  Keep in mind, though, that you need to kill off the parasites as best you can first, so you need to do the clove, wormwood, and black walnut protocol for ten days leading up to the cleanse.

TMI- get ready for it…I am totally not going to sugarcoat this for you.  Plus, if you know me personally, you know that poop is never off-limits in conversation.  This is a gentle cleanse where you pass gall stones, liver stones, parasite eggs, and parasites through your poo.  It is insane what you see come out of you. It looks almost like pebbles because of all the stones you didn’t even know you had inside you! BUT, it is effective, and it really does not make you feel sick.  I never once felt nauseous or sick to my stomach, and my tummy never hurt.  Just have plenty of baby wipes and make sure you take it easy.  I started the cleanse on a Friday and it went into Saturday.  I spent Friday at work, and then that night I just laid on the couch…same goes for Saturday.  I had a headache most of Saturday because I was just dehydrated and missed water. Never really felt hungry until Saturday afternoon. It is a great reset and a wonderful way to just get rid of those nasty toxins just sitting in your organs, that is for sure! My mind feels clearer, and I don’t feel as swollen as I did at the beginning of the week.  I won’t be doing this bad boy again for 6 months or so!

Yay for cleanses, yay for having a clear mind! Life is good.  I am so happy that some of you have reached out to me, and hope that I am helping you in my own way. PLEASE don’t feel weird reaching out. We are all in this journey together and I never, ever, ever want someone to be suffering alone.  You have people that care about you and want to help- I am on your cheer squad!


19 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Cleanses

  1. Hello, Thank you again for sharing your journey. I am very interested in the parasite cleanse and the other cleanses. I was thinking that I need to do another parasite cleanse it’s been couple years and the one I did was expensive. So this came at the right time. Thank you again risha


    1. Hi Risha! If you send me your email address I can send you the protocol I did for this cleanse! It is very inexpensive (you need Epsom salts, a grapefruit, and olive oil) so won’t break the bank!


      1. Hi Judy!
        I just sent you the cleanse protocol. I’m so sorry it’s so late! It completely slipped my mind. Please let me know if you have any questions!


  2. Yeah this cleanse was amazing for me & I am actually excited to repeat it! I am constantly thirsty so during the epsom day I swished water in my mouth & just spit it back into the sink & everything still went as it was supposed to.

    Also I just want to share your Total Shock that no Dr had previously mentioned the word parasite to you. I had 2 decades of fighting mystery illnesses ( all seem to have been Lyme & Bartonella ) plus 8 yrs of abx use & No Dr ever spoke of parasites to me or my family ! I had tons – now that population is decimated.

    Thank you for posting this. I give the cleanse paperwork out a lot but your description is really excellent . I was pretty afraid to do it the first time so encouragement & explicit info is necessary! My husband & I already did it a second time that’s how much it improved my anxiety & I think, Over-all health !

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  3. Hi Colleen!

    Thank you for sharing your journey! So many share with a lot of acronyms & in a way that can be confusing – especially on days where my brain just wont focus. Your writing is inspiring and easy to follow. 💕

    I’m in Scottsdale (did I read that you are in Tucson?) – I’d love the name of the facility you were at in Mexico and the information on the cleanse. (Spelling out my email with the hope that spam bots don’t pick it up.) melissasuetucker [at] gmail

    Thank you!

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  4. Hello! I love your site. I would be very grateful if you would send the information on the parasite herbal quantities and the parasite cleanse, and other cleanse you reference. I have been treating lyme for 5 years, and am just not hearing about parasites! Thank you so much.

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