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Treatment Update

Hey There!

I have been getting a lot of questions regarding how I am feeling now, almost 250 (!!!!!) days post-treatment.  First of all, I can’t believe it has been that long already! I am feeling pretty great most days, and I think that is due to a beautiful combination of treatment and listening to my body.

On January 1,  I started Medical Medium’s 90 Day Thyroid Reset. The protocol for this can be found in his newest book, Healing Your Thyroid.  It basically consists of three 30 day “detox” protocols that you can follow to help your thyroid reset and heal.  The gist of it is that you eat all fruits and vegetables, with some nuts.  I believe that you can eat meat and fish if you chose, but that is not my thing.  I haven’t consumed any processed foods, and I am feeling really great! I start each day with 16 ounces of celery juice, then do the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie, and then go about my day.  I make a tea out of fennel, nettle, lemon balm, and star anise and also sneak some drops of Chaga into it as well that I drink once I get to work.  I eat normal meals that contain plenty of veggies and fruits, and snack on some mixed nuts or a piece of fruit if I need it.  At night before bed, I drink 12-16 ounces of cucumber juice.  No, I do not feel deprived or hungry 🙂 I will continue like this for the next 25 days, and then move into the last 30 day cycle.  It’s pretty amazing how much lighter and how much more energy you have just eating whole fruits and vegetables.  I definitely thought I would crash in the afternoons, but I have yet to experience that.  If you are someone that suffers from chronic illness, or thyroid issues, or have had EBV, I definitely recommend grabbing this book and checking out all that Anthony Williams has to offer. You can also find him on Instagram with the handle @medicalmedium.  He shares some really amazing information daily!

Anyways, enough about that. I have been getting a lot of questions about how I am doing after receiving treatment at StemAid and the answer in short is: GREAT! I have seen a huge improvement in my overall energy, although I am still quite tired.  I think that more has to do with my job (I wake up at 5 am to get all of my juices and smoothie in before leaving my house at 6:30-6:45 am) than Lyme.  I have noticed that I need at least 9 hours of sleep to feel human, but that is a huge improvement from the 12+ hours I was requiring before.  Plus, I can work a full day from 7:30 am- 4:00 pm (a lot of times later) with kids and not be laying on the ground unable to move! Hooray! My brain is feeling WAY better.  Very few headaches, I’m able to focus longer, and I’ve read THREE books in three months! The last time I read a full book on my own and was able to comprehend everything I read was well over four years ago.  I also feel much more productive.  I don’t find myself staring off into space trying to figure out what the heck I was in the middle of doing as often, and I am getting much more done than previous years.  My legs still go numb on a pretty regular basis, but that is only when I am laying down now. I don’t have any ankle or foot issues anymore, and my joints feel a lot less Tin Manny.  I just made up that word, but I know you know what I mean.  My digestion is AMAZEBALLS. I have not been nauseous since I left treatment in June, and I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve had cramping or loss of appetite.  Before I left for treatment, I couldn’t remember what it was like to feel hunger.  I was eating just because I knew I had to in order to take my meds.  I also had debilitating nausea.  To the point that even when I drove the car it made me sick to my stomach.  Not a fun existence.  Every once in a while my kidneys go a little haywire on me, but I think I finally figured out that it happens during the full moon.  I also noticed that during the full moon is when I feel most anxious/ depressed.  For those of you that have been following me for a while, you know that anxiety and depression were a huge Lyme symptom that I just could not shake.  Those days are few and far between.

I can easily say that I no longer feel as though life is just happening to me. I no longer feel like an outsider looking in. I see myself in the mirror again… there is life in my eyes that I thought I would never see again!  No more zombie in the mirror, no more wishing the days away because of the pain I am in, no more feeling like such a burden to my husband and loved ones.  I totally have life back and am enjoying every second of it.  I definitely need to remind myself to slow down every once in a while… I think  all those years of watching the world go by has really lit a fire under my ass to get out there and LIVE. It is nice to be able to make plans and not be crippled with anxiety because a. I need to leave the house and/or b. I may have to cancel because I feel like crap.  It is refreshing to come out on the other side of this and be able to say that Lyme no longer has me as it’s prisoner. I am totally making Lyme my bitch and I hope it stays that way!


8 thoughts on “Treatment Update

  1. You inspire me sweet friend of mine! Your recent post is a beautiful message of perseverance and the reminder that our dark past doesn’t have to keep us captive. We’ve escaped, and we are so free to live abundant, healthy, beautiful days that are enjoyed! Thank you for your words! Love you, always 🧡

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  2. Wow, thank you for posting a followup. It’s so nice to hear about people feeling better. I was finally diagnosed in 2014 after being bitten in 2008, nothing seems to be working. I have seen a few good things about stems, so this is encouraging.

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  3. We are considering sending out 29 year old son to Stemaid. He has late stage neurological Lyme. Did you have neurological Lyme. He’s having a relapse now and we’re wondering if it’s beneficial to go when your doing badly or is it better to wait. Would live to hear your thoughts.

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    1. Hi Lesley!
      I definitely suffered from neurological symptoms. I had really bad reading comprehension issues to the point that I could barely read, brain fog, hearing loss, vertigo, neuropathy, memory issues, and I’m sure I’m missing more! I’ve seen an overall improvement in all of that for sure. I’d definitely recommend! Thank you for reaching out 💚


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