About Me

Hello! I am Colleen and I am a lover of all things natural and good for your body and soul.

I have not always been this way, to be real with you.  A few years ago I did not care what kind of chemicals were in my body lotion, household cleaning products, or what I ate.  I thought people that bought organic were just snobs who enjoyed wasting their money. HARSH. I know. I just didn’t know. I was ill-informed and uneducated when it came to the world of natural living. I was also quite healthy and totally took advantage of the young, beautiful immune system that I was given.

How did I switch teams, you ask?  Well, to make a long story short, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, heavy metal poisoning, and a litany of other co-infections in August 2016 after almost two years of symptoms that no doctor could slap a real diagnosis on.  I was passed from doctor to doctor, was thrown in MRI machines, had labels of MS, Lupus, diabetes, RA, and the like thrown at me, and always came out at the end with the doctor telling me that I was fine.  Something you’ll learn about me as you get to know me better through my posts is that I am stubborn (Taurus reporting for duty), don’t take no for an answer, and am a little foul-mouthed (working on that one). So naturally, I did not take “fine” as an answer and began my own research.  I finally found an integrative  health center to pin point what was going on in my body that seemed to be ravaging against itself and have been making the change to natural living ever since.

I did a total turn around when it came to what was going into my body, on my body, and what I was using in my home after my diagnosis. I am a vegan and am loving the way a plant-based diet makes me feel.  I have turned to essential oils to help my body heal naturally instead of putting more chemicals into it with over-the-counter drugs. I use essential oils for everything- no joke. Cleaning, body care, mood, you name it.  You will soon learn that I am completely obsessed with Young Living Essential Oils, too.

This is a safe-place for anyone to come and learn a little bit about me. I have been called a lot of things over the years, but what I like most is that I am real. I am not a doctor, but just want to spread the word about what has been working for me. I will share DIY experiences with you, doctor visits, undergoing treatment (at the end of May), and probably some fun anecdotes about my students, too.