Lyme Tips

YLEO Obsession

Let’s talk about essential oils for a minute. Because I am seriously obsessed. When I was first diagnosed with Lyme, I was told that everything that I surround myself needs to be natural. No more over the counter medications, no more of what I thought were my favorite shampoos and body washes, no more “regular” toothpaste, no more cleaning products that I could buy at Target. I had to completely redo my medicine cabinet, cleaning supplies, and beauty routine.  Mind you, this was also on top of completely changing my diet, and getting used to taking 30+ pills a day.  Talk about overwhelming!!!  Luckily, I had my eye on Young Living Essential Oils for a while through a Facebook friend.  I always wanted to try to products, but never took the plunge and bought the Premium Starter Kit.  Let me tell you, I WISH I had taken the plunge sooner.  That little starter kit is only $160 for over a $330 value!  You get a diffuser, and a litany of oils to get your collection started.  We have everything you can imagine at your fingertips, and if you become a member, you get 24% off of every purchase!  Young Living is easily the best company that I have found to get my oils from- they are of the highest and purest quality that you can come across. I love them so much that I even sell them on the side to help pay for my treatment coming up in June.  We have a program called Essential Rewards, where you can basically build yourself a basket and have it delivered the same time every month.  The beauty of it is that it does not always have to be the same stuff that you get every time.  It is totally customizable and you can even change when you get your monthly delivery.  The best part is, if you become a member, you also get a percentage of what you spent back. YAY! It makes me so happy.

Anyways, we have this little gem called Peace & Calming, and it gets me through my day of teaching teenagers.  Every. Single. Day.  Usually, you can only buy one Peace and Calming a month, which is really easy to go through- ESPECIALLY if you like to share yours with people that need it, as I do with mine.  Until March 31, though, the are offering up to THREE of these beauties in the month of March. Say what!! Can’t say no to that, really!  I make myself all sorts of blends to help with whatever it is that I am experiencing.  I have an allergy blend, sleep blend for my insomnia, anxiety blend, and even make my own face wipes that are chemical free.  I will be sharing all of these and more in the coming weeks with you!  Please drop me a comment or email me if you want them sooner rather than later.  Also, feel free to contact me if you want to join Young Living!  There is no time like the present!



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