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Top Body Care Products of 2017

I get a lot of questions about the types of all natural products I use, so I figured this is the best way to get it out there for everyone to see 🙂  I made the switch to all natural, nontoxic products about a year and a half ago when I found out that I have the double MTHFR gene mutation.  This mutation makes it virtually impossible for my body to detox on its own, which means that I have to try extra hard to get the bad shit out of my body.  So, I decided to make the change and go all natural for my poor body’s sake! Once you start to do the research of what exactly is in the products you use on a daily basis, you are SHOCKED. Carcinogens, hormone disruptors, immunotoxins, you name it.  Even products that market themselves as “natural” have this crap in them. No bueno. So I threw everything out. Or gave it away. Because I totally freaked myself out.

Then, the hunt for quality all natural and organic products ensued.  Believe me, there was a lot of trial and error.  What worked for a lot of my spoonie friends did not work for me.  I tried out four different deodorants and am still on the search for one that 1. does not make me stink like a hoagie and 2. does not make me break out in a terrible rash.  Don’t even get me started on the search for shampoo. OY. So, I broke down for you what I’ve been using that has been working for me. Hopefully, you find some products that you really love! I definitely suggest using Thrive if you do not already to purchase non-perishables and home/body care products.  You can get most of these products on there for a fraction of the price, and if your order is over $49 (which mine always is), you get free shipping AND if you use that link, you get 25% off your first purchase. That’s right.

Body Care

  1. Body Wash: Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap (I buy the mega large version in rose, but this link is to a sampler to see what kind you like best before committing to such a large bottle)
  2. Toothpaste: I love Young Living’s Aromabright toothpaste and I add a couple drops of orange essential oil, too.
  3. Shampoo: Alaffia Neem Turmeric Balancing Shampoo – this company does amazing work to give back in communities that really need it, and their products are fair trade.
  4. Conditioner: Alaffia Nourishing Coconut Conditioner
  5. Deodorant: This one is a big question mark still.  I was using Schmidt’s and really loving it, however, after about three months I developed a really horrific rash in my armpits and had to stop using it.  I am not loving the new kind I just got, so if you have suggestions for natural deodorant, please share!
  6. Face Wash: Luminance Skincare is my jam!! I have been struggling with acne since my diagnosis, as most of you know, and I have finally found a system that is organic, does not use harsh chemicals, and that WORKS. HORRAY!! I use their acne system- the Delicate Facial Cleanser, Rosewater Toner, Hydration Moisturizer, and Acne Serum. Seriously the best investment I’ve made in a long time. I cannot say enough good things.
  7. Hand soap: Dr. Bronner’s wins again! I love their Lavender Sugar Soap.
  8. Essential oils: I use essential oils for SO many different things when it comes to personal care.  I definitely recommend Young Living, as they are the cleanest and highest quality oils on the market.  Believe me, I did a ton of research before committing to them! If you purchase their Premium Starter Kit (which is linked above) you receive 11 of their most popular oils and a beautiful diffuser for your home, along with a few samples of other popular products. Definitely worth the investment. And no gimmicks- you don’t have to spend a certain amount of money a month or a year, you just buy the Premium Starter Kit and then get 24% off oils for LIFE. It is a pretty rad deal.
  9. Tampons: I really like Cora (use code Colleen3262). I learned about all of the nasty toxins that typical tampons store (think chlorine, pesticides, & fragrance just to start) and realized that yes, I even need to go organic and natural when it comes to my feminine hygiene products. Cora is a great company that donates a month’s supply of feminine products to girls in need with every month’s supply purchase.  Not to mention, they use organic cotton so no nasty chemicals getting into your body.

I think that is the bulk of it!  If you need recommendations for a product that you don’t find on here, please leave me a comment and ask! I am so happy to answer any and all questions!  Like I said earlier, most of these products can also be found on Thrive! If you’re like me and buy a lot of organic products, the $60 annual fee is totally worth it.  They calculate your yearly savings, and mine were well over $1,000 last year.  Also, each annual fee helps feed a family in need. So I am good with that!

As always, thank you so much for following my journey. I feel truly touched to be able to reach as many of you as I have! Please let me know if there is a topic you would like to see covered on here! I hope you all had a beautiful and safe holiday season ❤


4 thoughts on “Top Body Care Products of 2017

  1. AHH YAY! Thank you for sharing. I use a lot of these, too, but there are a few products I don’t and I’m so excited to check out. I’m really glad the Luminance Skin Care products have worked so great for you.

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  2. How are you feeling? I’m looking into stemaid and found your blog! Hope you’re feeling better and better every day – I would love to chat about your experience I am hoping to go there in the coming months!

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